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Join Our Bronze DofE Adventurous Training Event...

Search The Way Award Unit is running for their Bronze Award participants a Duke of Edinburgh's Award BRONZE ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY TRAINING on 3rd Jan 2018 consisting of prior preparation theory and practical training. Contact us soon to let us know if you are keen to join this event as we have limited places. Check our website for other upcoming event details.

Location: Charleston Area,Buller

Cost: Bring suitable food,footwear,clothing; arrange transport to & from location (some free transportation available from Westport contact STW).

Prerequisites-applicants must have:

* Suitable fitness-able to carry a fully loaded pack over hill country for 6 hrs/day

* Registered with STW Award Unit on the Bronze DofE Award

* Registered their interest to Award Leader via email - or via "Contact Form" on website or via text 027 822 0011 or Facebook message to @searchthewaynz.

* Positive attitude, team player, agree to follow STW Instructors instructions at all times, and follow all policies

* Some clothing may be available for loan via STW. STW will be providing equipment but any STW gear used to be treated with care and respect - any damage by participants repaired/ replaced at the cost of the participant.

*To pay for STW training course costs, if any (unless subsidised - contact STW to check this)

Eligible applicants will be:

Notified by Coordinator if they have successfully gained a place on this Training Opportunity

If not, then put on short list for future opportunities, or another applicant withdraws

Notified asap if need to change trip location or postpone or cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.

P.S. STW decisions on offer of places, or subsequent withdrawal of place is final.

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