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Huge Congrats to our William Pike Challenge Award Recipients

We wish to heartily congratulate all Search The Way participants who have recently become thoroughly-deserved recipients of the nationally recognised William Pike Challenge Award.

WPCA Recipients Sam, Hannah, Hamish, Kio, Meihana, Max, Spike and Jhon from Reefton Area School

It has been an honour for Search The Way to facilitate this fantastic youth development programme, set up by the WPCA Director William Pike - a renowned Kiwi, sought-after speaker and a role model to youth nationally and internationally.

Karamea Area School WPCA Recipients Jimmy, Vika, and Cybula with Deputy Principal Matua Leighton Robb and Teacher Mr Brett Mawson.

Search The Way facilitates the William Pike Challenge Award to youth during their school Year 9. The programme involves each young person completing an Pathway Plan that sees them taking on personal and group activities, including: at least 20 hours learning one or more Passion Projects (a new sport and/or hobby); giving 20 hours Service to others in the Community; and completing 5 progressively challenging Outdoor Activities.

Principal Mr Andrew Basher with Buller High School recipients Lachie and Zena

We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our William Pike Challenge Award participants demonstrating great communication and teamwork skills; displaying their unique talents and abilities; and growing in their skill levels to take on life's challenges with commitment and perseverance.

Karamea Area School WPCA Recipients Luca, Jimmy, and Cybula leading their own adventure on the Charming Creek Walkway.

Samuel another well deserved WPCA recipient from Reefton Area School.

Congratulations again to all WPCA recipients and special thanks to all the support networks who made the delivery of this Award possible including school staff and management, parents, community organisations, local and national governing agencies and to Sally and William at WPCA.

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