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Super Sofie

Here at Search The Way we award the top participant on our On Track Programme the *Morgan Durrant Memorial Award. For 2017-2018 our most deserved recipient is Sofie Heaphy.

Sofie is an exceptional woman who excels at everything she puts her hand and heart to. During the programme she showed her exceptional abilities across all areas including musical talents playing the banjo and guitar; sports and fitness capabilities in gym and basketball; a passion for adventure including mountain biking and tramping; and leadership, amazing skill and passion serving Penguins and Cadets and the Community at large with St John. Sofie has now turned her passion into a career as a Paramedic.

It was a privilege to present Sofie the Morgan Durrant Memorial Award and her well-deserved Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh's International Awards. She is currently on the last stage of completing her Gold Award. We congratulate you Sofie not only on what you have achieved through the Programme but on what a great example you are of how to live a life that makes a real positive difference to many others through the giving of service and the pursuit of excellence in all you do. What a super woman you are!

*The Award is given in honour of a past Programme participant, Morgan Durrant, a wonderful young man who whilst at home during an Easter holiday break was swept off rocks by a rogue wave at Charleston in 2006 and tragically lost his life.

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