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Magnificent Milestone Mya!

Search The Way was very pleased to be able to present Mya Williams her thoroughly deserved Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and badge yesterday.

Mya put in a huge amount of sustained commitment, determination and dedication to achieve this Award, including: weekly cycling for her Physical Recreation section; developing her cooking skills in preparing different meals each week for her Skill section; helping out at a local supermarket unloading, packing, stacking, collecting trolleys and enjoying interactions with customers for her volunteer Service section; and completing training and exploration camping for her Adventurous Journey section. She also completed a Red Cross First Aid course as part of her training.

Special thanks to all the various community organisations and individuals who have helped support and encourage Mya in completing this fine achievement, including but not limited to: Helen Anderson Trust, New World Supermarket, Buller High School staff and students, family and friends. We are also thrilled to report that Mya has gone on to almost finish completing her Silver Award, so we look forward to celebrating in the near future your next magnificent milestone Mya!

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