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What a Year for Will

Search The Way Award participant William Galway has had an outstanding year! It was a great honour to see Principal Donna Donnelly present Will his Silver Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, alongside a Level 1 and Level 2 On Track Leadership Award, at Karamea Area School recently.

Will has shown excellence in Physical Recreation developing his fitness and abilities in running, swimming, football and mountain biking, including winning trophies for swimming, cross country and athletics. He has improved his skill level in playing electric guitar mastering techniques such as shredding and riffing through hours of practice and live performances. Helping others is something Will has made a real impact on his community through, including carrying out random voluntary service through tasks such as lawn mowing, wood chopping, house cleaning, looking after children, and milking. This willingness to help others in need was perhaps best illustrated when he was faced with a unforeseen medical situation this year and Will handled the situation brilliantly as a competent first aid responder - well done Will! Will also really is at home and absolutely loves the outdoors. He trained for and completed many great journeys, including some in stunning areas such as Nelson Lakes, Arthur's Pass and Kahurangi National Parks. His dedication, enthusiasm and aptitude has served him well in the great outdoors and helped to support and inspire fellow participants along the way.

What a year Will - we at Search The Way wish to wholeheartedly congratulate you on a fine 2019 and wish you every success in all your endeavours in 2020. Keep up the fantastic mahi!

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