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Great Achievements Sam!

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

It was wonderful to recognize the many great achievements of Samantha Sunbeam-Ramsay today at Reefton Area School. Here at Search The Way we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the multi-talented Sam as a valued participant on our On Track Programme. We are very proud of the personal growth she has accomplished whilst persevering through many challenges.

To acknowledge this, it was a pleasure to see Sam being presented by Reefton Area School Principal Mr Wayne Wright, the following On Track Youth Awards:

  • On Track Leadership Award - Level 1

  • On Track Leadership Award - Level 2

  • On Track Programme 'Most Improved Participant' 20-21

Huge congratulations Sam - keep up this fine effort! We also pass on a special thanks to all Reefton Area School staff, students, alongside friends, family and Reefton community members, who continue to support Sam in her Award Journey.

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