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What does a diverse, inclusive and safe New Zealand look like to you? The Government is developing a plan to measure the progress of its response to the Royal Commission of Inquiry. This will help New Zealanders ensure we‘re on track to create the diverse, safe and inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand as we respond to the tragic events of the March 15th terrorist attack.

Government agencies have been engaging with communities on the various recommendations in the RCOI Report since its release in 2020. Building on these conversations, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) will be hosting a series of workshops to hear views about what a diverse, inclusive and safe New Zealand means to young people and how we can measure progress in a meaningful way.

DPMC is especially keen to hear from young people from all walks of life to ensure their perspectives are reflected in how DPMC measures success. They know that the views of young people have not always been well represented in government policy - so they want to engage with young people to better understand what this kaupapa means to them, their peers and the communities they are a part of. DPMC will be hosting a special workshop for young people under the age of 25 on Wednesday, 20 July between 5:30-7pm.

DPMC is also hosting three public workshops between 21-25 July which young people are also welcome to attend. This invitation is also open to everyone – please feel free to forward this email, or the attached event poster, within your organisation, network or community.

Registrations close on 17 July 2022. If you have missed this deadline but would still like to participate, please email

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