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Magnificent Mahi Mya!

It was a real pleasure to present Search The Way participant Mya Williams with a whole kete of Awards.

Congratulations Mya on being awarded Silver Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, a Level 1, 2 and 3 On Track Leadership Award, and also for being the recipient of the Most Improved Participant on the On Track Programme - wow, that's great going!

Mya has over a number of years dedicated a lot of hours developing her Skill in cooking, giving Service by befriending the elderly, improving her fitness through completing a personal training programme and having a lot of fun on exploration camps with others. Special thanks to family, friends, Buller High School and other community organisations who haved supported Mya's development and growth over this time.

Throughout our time with Mya we have found her to be a pleasant young woman who genuinely cares for others, brightens up the room when she enters, and makes every activity a lot of fun for all. She gives everything 100% and is a very capable, multi-talented and determined woman. We congratulate Mya on her thoroughly derserved recognition for her achievements and wish her and her family every success on all future endeavours!

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