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Share your voice! Making Aotearoa Home Workshops

Share your experience of living in Aotearoa New Zealand!

Have you moved to Aotearoa New Zealand in the last five years and are aged between 12-18 years? If so, Peter and Ross would like to hear from you!

Moving to a new country is a big change for anyone. Our government wants to ensure that the information and services they provide to support young people who have recently moved to Aotearoa New Zealand are the best they can be - but they need your help! That is why they have asked us to talk to you!

Come and join Ross (left) and Peter (right) in a fun and interactive workshop where we will, through games and activities, explore your experiences of moving to Aotearoa New Zealand. You will then get the opportunity to share your ideas about the information and services that young people find useful before and after they move to this country, and how they could be improved. Contact Search The Way to be emailed directly a flyer and an information sheet with more details for both you and your parents. 

Register to attend! The workshops will be held in 13 locations throughout New Zealand and will be three hours long. There is one in Nelson is on Sunday August 16th and one in Christchurch on Saturday August 22nd. Food will be provided and you will receive a $25 gift voucher and a certificate of participation for your CV to recognise your commitment and contribution. The workshop is also a great opportunity for you to connect with other youth and share experiences. Click the link below to register your interest and Peter or Ross will contact you to confirm your spot and provide you with more details. Eventbrite Registration:

Places in the workshops are limited to 10-15 young people. If you don’t get a spot in the face-to-face workshop or are unable to attend the workshop, don’t worry! There will also be an online questionnaire you can complete. Let your friends know If you have friends who have moved to Aotearoa New Zealand in the past five years please pass this invitation on to them too! If you have any questions or concerns please contact Search The Way or alternatively email:

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