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Tēnā Kōrua Traditional Jade

Search The Way wishes to express a special thanks to Mark and Caroline from Traditional Jade, Hokitika for their skilled restoration work on our 'Most Improved Participant' Trophy that we award each year to a deserving participant on our youth development programmes. Mark did a fine job skillfully restoring our taonga and Caroline shared about the type of pounamu on our trophy which is Flower Jade. This beautiful New Zealand jade comes from the Marsden region and often contains an attractive yellow rind caused by oxidising or weathering on the surface.

The photo above shows Mark and Caroline standing beside Turi the Tekoteko, an intricately carved figure, who stands guardian at their shop located at 2 Tancred Street, Hokitika. If you are looking for a top quality, affordable Jade/Pounamu/Greenstone carving or sculpture taonga we highly recommend you pop in to Traditional Jade when next in Hokitika or check them out online at

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