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Well done Abbey and Charlee!

Well done Abbey and Charlee for completing both an On Track Leadership Level Two Award and a Duke of Edinburgh's International Bronze Award!

It was great to see these two motivated Westland High School students, Abbey Uren and Charlee Jones, be presented their Youth Awards, by Westand High School Tumuaki Taurua / Deputy Principal Mr Peter Brailsford. Abbey has been keeping fit using a variety of activities, improving her skills and knowledge in gardening, fundraising for local charities and completed adventures in the Abel Tasman National Park and Lake Kaniere Scenic Reserve. Charlee developed her prowess in the sport of badminton, enhanced her skill level in photography, took care of the environment by picking up rubbish from local sensitive areas and completed adventures at Cedar Flats and the Lewis Pass Scenic Reserve.

Search The Way congratulates Abbey and Charlee and encourages them to keep up their great mahi as they now seek to complete their next Awards.

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