Kiaora! Welcome to Search The Way.

What We Do: 

We are a Provider of Programmes and Resources to encourage the Personal Development of youth and people of all ages.

One main focus is being a licenced deliverer of youth development programmes in the beautiful West Coast and Upper South Island regions of New Zealand.​

If you would love to complete your own Learning Journey we can help you with:

  • Information

  • Resources

  • Support

  • Training

Why We Do It:

Our organisation is a Social Enterprise with the purpose that drives us being to empower personal development through new learning opportunities and positive interactions with the outdoor environment.  



Whakatauaki (Maori Proverb): “Ko te kai rapu, ko ia te kite” (He who seeks finds)



 “That every person has opportunities to show (through experiences), know (through reflection) and grow (through integration and continuation) their true potential in life.”



 “To provide quality learning opportunities and positive interactions with the outdoor environment that will inspire and empower others to reach their full potential in life”.



The following Organisational Values “S.T.E.E.R.S.” (i.e. directs and guides) all STW decisions and tells others how STW will interact with those they serve: Safety, Teamwork, Encouragement, Enthusiasm, Respect, Service

"I think it all comes down to motivation. If you really want to do something, you will work hard for it." Sir Edmund Hillary



Our team's aim in life is to help people of any age to take steps to perceive and achieve their true potential.  We love people and enjoy the great outdoors, so getting the opportunity to walk alongside others and encourage them in their own journey is what we want our life to be all about.




Justin has been actively involved in designing, managing and running programmes that enhance people’s personal and social development for well over two decades now and holds several tertiary qualifications in outdoor instruction, outdoor first aid, pre-hospitable emergency care, outdoor safety, adventure based learning and in the education and training fields. He is a Bush 1 Instructor with NZOIA and enjoys his role at STW as a Skills Active Assessor for Tramping Qualifications.  He loves administering and delivering Personal Development Programmes such as The On Track Leadership Award, The William Pike Challenge Award and The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award for STW participants based in the West Coast and Top of the South Island regions.  He loves any opportunity to get out in the hills tramping, hunting or fishing.


Search The Way after a process of consultation with its stakeholders, has adopted the following Codes of agreed principles.

Management, staff, volunteers and contractors at Search The Way Limited (trading as Search The Way, STW) are required to abide by this Code.

Search The Way’s Client Service Charter provides an outline of the level of service individuals can expect when accessing Search The Way’s services.

All STW Outdoor Activities follow the Outdoor Safety Code.


STW as an organisation is committed to following the guidelines outlined in the Outdoor Access Code

When STW activities are near bodies of water it abides by the NZ Water Care and Safety Codes.

STW is committed to following the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) protocols for preventing the spread of freshwater pests.

STW Lead Instructor Justin Blacklock is an NZOIA Qualified Instructor and abides at all times by the NZOIA Code of Ethical Practice for Outdoor Professionals.

STW Lead Instructor Justin Blacklock is listed on the NZ Register of Recreational Professionals and abides at all times by the NZRRP Code of Ethical Practice for Recreational Professionals.

Search The Way Ltd is a member organisation of Ara Taiohi and adheres to the Code of Ethics for Youth Work in Aotearoa NZ.

Stone Tower


Ensuring the wellbeing and safety of children, including prevention of child abuse or maltreatment, is a paramount goal of this organisation.



STW Good Practice:

Pre-trip planning, site, river and terrain assessment, thorough profiling of the clients, clearly disclosing risks to the clients, being adequately equipped for foreseeable emergencies, staff competence, emergency preparedness, dynamic risk management and situational awareness are the critical components of STWs good practice.  


Are dependent on the weather conditions, client profiles, ratios, staff competency, river conditions, terrain and remoteness of the trip.  

The most likely causes of harm from STW activities would be drowning, death or impact injuries from falling, sliding or slipping, allergic reactions, burns, hypothermia or hyperthermia. There are also the risks of getting lost or separated.  Workers or participants could suffer a medical occurrence.  

Situational Awareness:


  • are required to continuously monitor and assess their clients and conduct dynamic hazard identification and risk management throughout the trip.

  • halt or modify an activity if a risk/hazard threatens the safety of any person.

  • must have effective communication. 

All Equipment:

  • is to be operated according to the HSMP and will be checked, maintained after being used.

  • damaged, unsafe equipment has to be taken out of circulation and reported immediately and be replaced.

All Participants:

  • must sign a risk disclosure 

  • must be briefed on how to access support if something happens to their guide/instructor

  • must have all their personal gear checked as being fit for purpose

  • must bring their personal medication 

  • must know that access to emergency services can take time in the areas STW operates.

AdventureMark White Certified: 

Search The Way conforms to the relevant requirements of the Safety Audit Standard for Adventure Activities 2017 and is certified to conduct the following activities:

  • Youth Awards

  • Tramping

  • Day Walking

  • Camping

  • Bush Survival Skills

  • Adventure-based learning

  • Orienteering

in the Upper South and West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand.

This certification demonstrates that operators providing activities on Department of Conservation land have had their safety management plan independently audited in order to meet the requirements of the Department of Conservation Concession Process.  This is a document review process.  For more information on AdventureMark White Certification please click the link below. 


P.O. Box 224 Westport 7866

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