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Many Congrats to Worthy Award Recipients

Search The Way sends many congrats to worthy Award recipients Kelly Jordan, Ruby Harris, Indee Stuart-Maynard, Leila Nolan and Suellen Powell. To be the recipients of a Level 2 On Track Leadership Award and a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's International Award required each participant to put in a lot of dedication and sustained effort.

This thoroughly deserved recognition was given due to all five participants spending many hours over an extended period developing their fitness and well-being, improving their knowledge and skills, voluntarily serving their local community and completing preparation, training and adventures in the following areas:

Kelly - badminton, cycling, photography, fundraising, baking, helping the elderly, and expeditions.

Ruby - archery, cookery, community gardening and expeditions.

Indee - archery, creative writing, community gardening and expeditions.

Leila - netball, cooking, fundraising, community play, and expeditions.

Suellen - ballet, reading, assistant dance teaching, and expeditions.

It has been great to see each participant develop skills and attributes that will serve them well in every area of life and we wish them every success in all their future endeavours - very well done indeed!

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