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Winners announced for STW Te Araroa Challenge Competition

Thank you to all participants for their huge efforts in the recently run Te Araroa Challenge competition, run by Search The Way Award Unit, for West Coast youth.

The overall TAC competition winners of Warehouse Vouchers were:

1st Place: Micaela Aldridge ($100)

2nd Place: Tamsin Kerr ($75)

3rd Place: Nathan Page ($50)

The 15 weekly Prize Draw winners of a $20 Warehouse Voucher were: Nina Tavinor, Nathan Page, Georgia Aldridge, Billy Volckman, Hannah Payne, Rachel Bland, Brayden Eden-Whiteside, Meihana Robin, Annalese Hislop, Zena Harding, Boolie Walton, Mya Williams, Micaela Aldridge, Kia Maia Wirihana, and Jimmy Daamen.

All participants did a great job walking thousands of kilometres, learning new skills, completing physical recreation and adventure challenges, and giving voluntary service to help others in the community. Special mention goes to Micaela Aldridge for fundraising $554.50 for St John Ambulance Service (see photo above of Westport St John Ambulance Paramedic Nichola Cunneen receiving Micaela's fundraising money) and to Nathan Page also who raised $170.00 for Helen Anderson Trust - both very worthy causes and a superb effort indeed!!

Also special thanks to management and staff of The Warehouse Greymouth for their wonderful support of the competition and all other youth organisations, schools and parents/caregivers for their support, encouragement and motivation. Thank you to everyone who played a part in the competition.

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