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Become A "Hall of Fame" Inductee!

Massive congratulations to all participants, like Sophie Johnson and Sami James, who have or are about to become inductees to Search The Way Award Unit's "Hall of Fame". With the year rapidly coming to a close we are hoping that our participants are celebrating a job well done this year and are starting to set new goals for 2018.

Huge congrats to 'Hall of Famer' Sophie Johnson, Westport recipient of the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award.
Big congratulations to 'Hall of Famer' Sami James, Karamea Area School & Nelson College for Girls, recipient of the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

We are aware of a number of participants who are nearing completion of a Duke of Edinburgh's International Award or a William Pike Challenge Award. Now that your school commitments are coming to an end, we invite participants to contact us, so we can help you to update your progress and make a plan on how to complete any outstanding aspects of your Award. Don't let a few last remaining steps stop you from achieving the recognition you deserve!

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