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3. Participation

Participate Definition: whai wāhi (verb) to participate, take part, have a part - often followed by atu. Te Aka Online Māori Dictionary

participation (noun) the act of taking part in an event or activity: Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus.

Michael Polanyi, a Hungarian-British polymath (a person of wide knowledge or learning) once said '“Personal participation is the universal principle of knowing”'. This quote highlights the third of our PDA Series which showcases different 'Personal Development Areas' that Search The Way are seeking to encourage and enhance in the lives of our participants. We seek to provide opportunities to participate in team and individual challenges, often in the outdoor environment, in order for participants to know more about their own strengths and weaknesses, and so they can experience being a valued contributor to achieving team goals. Today's photo features some participants from the groups that STW work with from Grey District, who have always displayed great enthusiasm whilst taking part in a variety of outdoor activities. Here they are demonstrating the principle that for anyone to achieve great heights in life they will need the support and participation of others. Tino pai (Great stuff) Grey District!

P.S. STW is currently updating our Events Calendar - so don't forget to check it out for new opportunities to participate!

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