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Adventurous Journey Opportunities - Apply Now!

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Search The Way Award Unit is excited to announce to their STW-registered Duke of Edinburgh Award participants there are a number of amazing Adventurous Journey places available now! We have a limited number of sponsored places available for our participants to complete their adventures at the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre (BROEC) exploring the beautiful Lewis Pass Scenic Reserve. This poster details what dates are currently available for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

To register your interest on any of the above dates please:

  1. Select the appropriate tab (eg. DofE Bronze...)

  2. Select "Register Your Interest" for the event you are keen to attend

  3. Select "Check Next Availability" then select highlighted date on calendar and time box (usually 9am)

  4. Select "Next" and fill out your details and select "Book Now"

  5. We will be back in touch with you soon to confirm if you have secured a sponsored place on this event.


Participants wishing to complete an expedition will need suitable fitness to carry a pack for 6-8 hours/day (depending on the level of Award you are completing), for explorations you will be exploring out from a base completing activities for the same amount of hours. All participants will need to complete their level's Preparation and Training Modules prior to the event - contact STW for help with this. Please note that sponsorship covers the event fee, but participants will need to provide food, some clothing, suitable footwear (i.e.with some grip on soles), a sleeping bag and methylated spirits (if using BROEC cookers). BROEC will be fully responsible for all duty of care and safety management of this entire event (i.e. it is totally being run by BROEC). They are fully responsible for all planning, communications before/after and throughout, preparation, gear/equipment, transport throughout the event, safety management under their own safety accreditation and SMS throughout of all workers/participants and dealings with any members of the public encountered, ongoing monitoring, debrief/evaluation and ongoing improvement. BROEC will be providing the outdoor equipment and also have available thermals and wet weather jackets/pants for participants who need these. You will also need to arrange your own transport to and from BROEC (recommend car-pooling with other participants - some reasonably priced accommodation may be available at BROEC for parents/caregivers if they wish to stay). STW's only responsibilities for these events are that they have agreed with BROEC to promote these opportunities to STW DoE participants and will offer a limited number of sponsorship of event fees, and potential assistance towards transport and/or food costs to STW registered participants who are in genuine hardship, and will help participants to upload their progress on to the DoE Online Record Book after they have returned from one of these events. Please note that these events are fully BROEC-run events (not STW events) and that BROEC will be the PCBU fully in charge of all event duties/responsibilities as outlined above. Once offered a STW-sponsored place, participants will be put in contact with BROEC staff and subsequently, other participants attending their event, to start completing planning and preparation (this can include logistics such as transportation). If participants or parents/caregivers would like any further information they can contact STW or BROEC directly, or if the costs of food and transport will cause financial hardship, please contact STW Award Leaders to discuss options for help towards this.

Get in quick to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity! We look forward to hearing from you soon :)

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