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Congratulations Bronze Award Recipients

We are thrilled to be congratulating Search The Way Award Unit participants who have in recent times completed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Awards. Our latest Bronze Award recipients are: Matiu Manuel, Zak Klempel, Cameron Klempel, Grace Arnold, Holly Manera, Sophie Soutar, Allizay Dean, Rowi Goodwin, Jack Glancy, Madeleine Dennehy-Coles, Anna Nyland and Tana Alkorta.

Award recipients have all had to show sustained commitment and enthusiasm over a minimum of six months in the following disciplines: improving a new or existing non-physical Skills area, developing fitness and well-being in Physical Recreation pursuits, giving Voluntary Service to their local communities, and completing training and preparation, followed by two overnight Adventurous Journeys. This is an International Award run worldwide in over 130 countries, with New Zealand celebrating its 60th year of delivering the Award this year in 2023.

Search The Way offers big congrats to all the Bronze Award recipients above - you are now part of an amazing legacy! We pass on all our very best for your next steps and look forward to hearing what great achievements lie ahead on the next leg of your journeys. If you or someone you know is interested in following in their footsteps and completing your own Award please feel free to contact Search The Way for more information.

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