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Search The Way is an organisational member of OSCN (Out of School Care Network) - a non-for-profit body that supports the OSCAR sector. Out of School Care and Recreation: before/after school care services and school holiday programmes. We are very grateful to OSCN that they have provided a link for us to share with parents that opens up OSCN archives to help you find some fun activities for the stay at home time we are currently all going through.

"Something to Do" An OSCAR programming resource

March 2020

These are extraordinary times so as well as sharing our latest ideas with you, we're also inviting you to share this link with your parents

This takes you to all our previous issues of Something to Do, with a few favourite activities highlighted.

It's usually only available to OSCN members but until the end of April we are providing free access via this link. We hope it might give parents a few more resources to help make their home time a bit more fun over the weeks ahead.

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